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Chile, Nepal and Kyrgyzstan: Green Climate Fund will support climate changes


The ONU fund rounds the 161 million of dollars and meant to revitalize Chile forests, maintain the lowland ecosystem at Nepal and forest degradation at Kyrgyzstan, impulse by climate changes.


This incentive will benefit 1.5 million people and aims to financially reward developing countries for their positive results in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation.

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United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is closing in


Trump trade war brings global repercussions on the logging industry. The agreement between USA, Canada and Mexico leave softwood lumber out.

2019 was marked by the fall in timber prices and the forest market shutdowns, in North America. Companies may be able to achieve the expected stability with this pact, but Trump has not ceased trade conflicts with China and other major economic partners.

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111 trees are planted at a village in India when a girl born


The main objective of this practice is the environmental conservation and the valorization of the role of women.


The result is visible from the sky, where it can denote a huge green spot. One more girl means 111 new trees at Piplantri village, in Rajasthan. An unusual tradition in a country where female gender is undervalued, and family culture doesn’t usually support families.

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Gabon: Positive results for the wood sector between January and September of 2019


The good numbers are due to the growth of veneer and plywood production in the order of 14,4%. The exportations have grown 15,8%, much because of the settings of China demand.


The General Directorate of Economic and Tax Policy published the results of Gabon timber industry in the first nine months of 2019. Statistics show a strengthening of the industrial fabric, but local sales fell by 42%.

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The Art of being Luthier. A job moved by wood passion.


The youngest Luthier of Madeira Island, in Portugal, plunged into this craft with 17 years old. Now is a full-time job which proudly assumes to be the continuation of his father's legacy.


It’s called Henrique and is 25 years old. He started activity eight years ago at his father’s factory and is now challenging statistics, as craftsman, in the industry and technology Era.

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Wood-based panels Russian market analysis


2018 was a record year for the timber market in Russia. The growth of the furniture industry is cited as the main reason why wood-based panels record such high consumptions.


The Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia registered a growth of 30%. However, the first months of 2019 don't keep upbeat trends, so furniture productions are now changing their strategy.

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USA: Scientific community found the oldest fossil forest in the world


New York may have the oldest forest in the world and contains information about the connection of forests with the world’s climate.


The research was developed by Cardiff and Binghamton Universities, in UK, in association with New York State Museum. The forest in Cairo area (New York), is now the oldest fossil forest known, a title that already belonged to another New York forest, in the Catskills region.

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Laminated Timer Global Market Report is now published


Trends analysis up to 2029 are out. The market rummage study of MarketResearch allows suppliers, customers and companies of the wood sector to predict market behaviors and planning strategies.


The study covers major world wood market such as United States, Canada, Mexico, China, India, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Middle East & Africa, Saudi Arabia or Turkey.

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Centenary trees in Madeira Island: A hidden treasure in the middle of Atlantic Ocean


Some of them have more than 1.000 meters of length and upwards of 500 years. The centenary “Núcleo de Dragoeiros das Neves” is a natural but rare environment favorable to the development of Dragon Tree species.


The Dragon Tree (in Portuguese “Dragoeiro”) are truly monumental trees that can be found mainly at Madeira Island. Climatic conditions are the main reason why Portuguese trees are different, from the others of the same species, that grow in other countries. They also represent a cultural and a historical mark and they are recognized as having a high asset value as well.

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“Street surf” is a sustainable brand-new business in Portugal wood market


Turning wood boards into handcrafted skateboards or longboards, is a concept that is being developed by a Portuguese family united for woodworking passion.

The business started because of a common hobby inside three generations of a family: carpentry work. A gift shared between the project creator, his father, the shaper of business, and his grandfather. The love for creation from wood is a natural giving that runs in the veins of them all and now was combined with the taste for extreme sports from de founder. That’s how “AFC Woodboards” borned.

A project in way of family tribute that resulted into handmade skateboards, longboards and stand up paddles, all of them based in high quality, is made from reused wood, so based on an ecological basis. Until now, all the work material was abandoned old furniture founded on the street or unused wood given by friends and friends of friends.

The company is giving new life to many products whose uses range from fun to decoration and can be customized to suit the customer's taste. The creative, however, is inspired in the beaches from north to south of Portugal, which give the names to the products.

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