Double-Head Pallet Block Machine

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Date 2019-04-03
Double-head pallet block machine is the upgrade generation of single-head pallet block machine, and they are also the hot sales of PalletMach. Introduction of double-head pallet block machine: 1. Double-head wood block machine mainly uses sawdust and wood shavings or other scrap woods as raw materials. 2. Double-head wood block machine is mixing with glue in the certain ratio, and extruding mouled pallet block by hot press heating pressure. 3. Pressed pallet block machine is the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste. 4. The final pressed pallet blocks are free fumigation, and free quarantine. Final pallet blocks are insect prevention, protection against termites and do not easy to burn. 5. The capacity of double-head pallet block machine is more than twice as high as the traditional single-head one. Technology process of pressed pallet block machine: Raw materials → crushing → drying → mixing with glue → hot pressing → long pallet blocks → cutting → final blocks Technical parameters of double-head pallet block machine: Double-Head Pallet Block Machine Model PMD Capacity (m3/24h) 3-6 Weight (kg) 1050-1500 Power (kW) 12-19 Size (mm) 4800*780*1320 Density of final pallet block (kg/m3) 550-600 Block size: 75-140 in width, 75-140 in length. Customized by customer required. Raw material for double-head pallet block machine: Sawdust and wood shavings Final pressed pallet blocks: 1. Free fumigation and free quarantine. 2. Uniform heating, thorough glue curing, high density, meeting the E1 grade. 3. Smooth and clean surface, and good waterproof performance. 4. Large load capacity, and easy to nail.


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    woodworking machinery
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    woodworking machinery
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    1050-1500 kg

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    11000 EUR per pieces
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    FOB ChinaQingdao
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    Available on order in less than 30 days
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